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Is Now A Good Time To Trade In Your Car?

The pandemic has halted a lot in our lives, including the number of used cars in inventory. Since demand is high and supply is low, you might be thinking it’s time to trade in your vehicle for a new Nissan. At Galesburg Nissan, we make the process easy. Here are a few reasons why now is good time to trade in your car.

Surprising value

Even if you think your car has retained its value, trading it in now might reveal it is worth even more than you expected. The demand for used cars is high and bringing it into Galesburg Nissan for a trade-in evaluation may reveal a price that puts you within reach of your dream vehicle.

Diamond in the rough

If you’re wary of trading in your vehicle because you think it’s too old or has too many miles, don’t worry. Buyers are looking for old vehicles because they often boast a lower price tag, and the current inventory of cheaper options is lower than normal.

“With few older, higher-mileage cars available, shoppers are nearly out of low-priced options,” according to Sean Tucker, writer for Kelley Blue Book.

Buyers want reliable options

Used cars have something that new cars don’t have yet — an established reliability. Your used car has proven its worth while you’ve owned it, and it will be attractive to a used car buyer today.

Contact Galesburg Nissan in Galesburg, Illinois, to learn more about how easy it is to trade-in your car.