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Benefits of Buying a Used Car

New cars are great, but they don’t fit into everyone’s budget. Saving money on the sticker price, though, is just one of the MANY benefits of buying a used car. At Galesburg Nissan, you will find an extensive inventory of pre-owned models with innovative tech, modern safety systems, and enviable comfort features so you can easily find a vehicle that fulfills your driving wish list of needs and wants.

Saves money

Used cars cost less than new ones. Used cars also typically boast lower insurance rates, and dealership fees, and incur less of a depreciation hit. Your loan, if necessary, will be smaller, too, for a used car compared to the one needed to finance a new car.

Confident purchase

Long gone are the days when buying a used car is a risky decision. With comprehensive vehicle history reports that outline everything from maintenance history to mileage and accidents and thorough inspections from trusted mechanics, buying a used car is more transparent and confidence-building than ever.

More choice

When you open your car search to used models, you have more options, not only in the model year but also in trim level. With the money, you save on the sticker price, insurance payments, and assorted fees, you may be able to afford a higher trim level in a used model. Check out the pre-owned inventory at Galesburg Nissan in Galesburg, Illinois, and get behind a new-to-you ride that fits your driving needs and budget!

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