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Why Buy a Nissan Z Instead of a Toyota Supra in Galesburg, IL

You do not have to sacrifice performance or a thrilling ride when you are looking for value in a new vehicle purchase, especially if that new vehicle is the 2023 Nissan Z. The sports car captivates with its sleek styling, coupe dimensions, and potent performance and responsiveness, all at a substantial value, especially when compared to the Toyota Supra.

Although technically the base trim of the Nissan Z is approximately $2,000 more than the Toyota Supra, it offers an intense amount of power — a 400 horsepower-rated V6 compared to the 255 horsepower-rated engine moving the Supra.

“So, the new Z is offering consumers an extra 145 horsepower for about $1,924 more than the Supra. Choosing a Nissan Z seems like a no-brainer,” according to Erik Sherman, writer for

2023 Nissan Z highlights

The twin-turbo V6 pairs to a six-speed manual transmission or a nine-speed automatic transmission equipped with available steering wheel paddle shifters. Features such as mono tube shocks, new rear suspension, and the first-ever electric power steering on the Nissan Z, make the 2023 model a thrill to drive. A GT-R-inspired steering wheel, driver-centric gauges, and new performance seats add to the appeal and unique design of the 2023 Nissan Z. Optimize your long commute behind the wheel of the Nissan Z.

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